Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - RSVP is an education,  support and play group for people who share an interest in BDSM, M/s,  D/s, and/or fetish choices in the Greater Baton Rouge area and vicinity. 
We  provide a forum for conversation and social interaction along with munches, play parties and educational events. We are an active, real  time group. RSVP is a pansexual group open to adults of all sexual orientations. 
We  expect tolerance of everyone no matter their choices. We welcome all levels of interest and experience.

RSVP strongly promotes & requires confidentiality, privacy, &  discretion.

The RSVP dungeon is a private facility. The __minimum__ requirement/s to receive an invitation to the facility is two(2) RSVP munches and include one(1) orientation. As with any rule there are exceptions if you are a participating member of another club, dungeon, or organization that can be verified. As always, confidentiality is a must.

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