Mar 03 - 1st Saturday Play Party
Mar 08 - *RSVP Big Mike's Munch
Mar 10 - RSVP Play Party
Mar 14 - Rope Workshop
Mar 22 - *Las Palmas Munch
Mar 31 - Game Night & Play Party

Apr 07 - 1st Saturday Play Party
Apr 11 - Rope Workshop
Apr 12 - Munch - LaContea Restaurant
Apr 21 - 3rd Saturday Play Party
Apr 26 - Las Palmas Munch
Apr 28 - "Strip! Strip! Hooray!"‚Äč

Munches and other socials are held in public areas. Those over 18 may attend. Do not wear fetish wear to these events.

Minimum of two RSVP social events are required before consideration to attend private functions at the RSVP facility. You must be 21+ to attend the RSVP Dungeon.

This calendar is subject to change so please check back regularly. The event specific information can be located on Fetlife.com/events or Fetlife.com/groups/2155

If you are unable to access the events on Fetlife, please email msaurora98@yahoo.com or click on the logo on the 'contact us' page.

Harem Room
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